Oneadaptr’s ingenious plug adaptor

The brilliantly designed Twist works in 150 countries

Image: Hugh Threlfall

The three most irritating things for me about travel are having to switch currencies, mobile roaming charges and the inconsistency of mains plugs. The euro helps, as do the newly reduced EU roaming charges and wireless hotspots such as Goodspeed – and now a company called Oneadaptr has made the best job I’ve stumbled upon to date of rendering the horrible mains socket tolerable for travellers.


With the arch but quite funny slogan “It’s not rocket science… it is socket science”, Oneadaptr creates intriguing and clever mains “solutions”, including the Twist adaptor that works in some 150 countries; just twist it round and UK, US, European and Australian plugs magically appear. It is so brilliant I can’t even imagine the minds of the people who designed it. The Twist range includes all the variations you could possibly need: one, for example, gives you four USB sockets; another allows you to plug in four USB devices and an Apple charger, all from one mains outlet. Furthermore, the Twist+ will charge an iPad Mini, say, twice as fast as its dedicated charger. This is gadgetry at its very best.

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