Bayan SoundScene

An instant garden sound system that’s a cinch to set up and has big exciting bass

If you are starting to think about summer garden parties, take note of this: an outdoor Sonos-type wireless sound system from Bayan Audio. (Bayan is a common Mongolian name, but this brand hails from the slightly less exotic Pease Pottage, not far from Crawley, in West Sussex).

The SoundScene looks like a camping accessory – rubbery, tough and water-resistant. It’s quite big – each speaker is 27cm tall and 12.5cm sq – and quite heavy, with a thick rubber strap to emphasise that it is meant to be lugged about.


Although it can be used indoors, the SoundScene works best when daisy-chained in groups of up to eight, creating an instant garden system for those who don’t want to go in for the kind of earthworks normally associated with installing outdoor speakers. The linking procedure is a cinch and the separate units can be placed up to 30m apart.

The sound from the 20-watt SoundScene is good, although not spectacularly hifi, and boasts a big exciting bass. For dancing purposes, it is more than fine. The speakers aren’t stereo but they spray sound out across 270 degrees, so the coverage is excellent. And each fully charged unit has eight hours’ power. Unusual and nice technology.


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