Master & Dynamic’s retro cool headphones

The MW60s have precise and natural sound

Image: Hugh Threlfall

I return once again to the new-on-the-block American headphone company Master & Dynamic. I’ve just spent a few weeks with its latest offering – these gorgeous wirelessheadphones – and I can’t even begin to fault them.


I happen to know that celebrities are falling over themselves to get the MW60s, which is no great recommendation of quality, but it does indicate that the word is out about M&D.


The MW60s are startlingly beautiful. They have that retro look the brand specialises in and are crafted to an impeccable finish in leather and brushed aluminium. Possible stumbling blocks like functionality are dealt with meticulously; the Bluetooth pairing, for example, which even today can be flaky, is perfect. And the sound? It’s not showy or processed, just big, precise and outstandingly natural. Comfort? Terrific. An all-round delight.

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