Skeye Pico Drone

The world’s smallest drone has landed

Image: Hugh Threlfall

As a bit of light office entertainment, this, officially the world’s smallest drone, is the business. From Dutch company TRNDlabs, it measures less than an inch across and weighs just 7g, but you can fly it remotely indoors or out for eight minutes on a 30-minute charge from up to 50m away – at which distance you will be hard pushed to see it or hear its insistent, high-pitched little buzz.


The Skeye Pico Drone boasts a six-axis flight control system that enables it to flip, hover and dive; it has three levels of sensitivity (aka necessary aerobatic skill) to navigate it into ever more awkward corners; plus a display of rather splendid, bright LED lights for night or darkened-room flying. The drone is so small that it nests in its controller unit, which looks like a little Xbox handset.


TRNDlabs also produces a slightly larger version (£69) of this sophisticated toy that carries an HD video camera, while an all-black one (£41) looks like some horrific hornet.

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