Sam Leith


The pomade obsessive

A financier is stricken when stocks of his trusted hair wax look shaky, but will it compromise his head for business?

Sports day

Two dads battle it out in the all-competitive Fathers Race, but will the headmaster know when to draw the line?

The Fourth of June

Will unsporting skullduggery amid competitive parents send ripples through the rowing procession on Eton’s open day?

The fashion blogger

An overbearing father tries to coerce his fashionista son into a City career, but will stocks or frocks come out on top?

The portrait

A barrister is flattered into sitting for a Royal Academician, but should he have canvassed opinion before agreeing?
Home Accessories

The cleaner

When the home help’s free and easy way with the scourers rubs her employer up the wrong way, he turns to dirty tricks…

The Valentine gift

A financier’s “office wife” keeps buying prescient presents for his real wife on his behalf, but are they sending the right message?

The endowment

When a discreet donor funds a new arts centre, will ego or distaste for vulgar ostentation win the wing-naming day?

The 60th birthday

A loving wife whisks her husband away for a celebratory spa weekend – but will her best-laid plans backfire?

The faith school

Pushy parents become churchgoers to get their son into the only good school left in the area, but will their prayers be answered?