Paul Richardson


A long weekend in… Madrid

Five years ago, Spain’s capital was laid low. Today it’s another story, says Paul Richardson, as chefs and retailers play with global influences – and contemporary culture suffuses historic spaces with electric new life 

Argentina’s undiscovered northwest

Argentina’s newest crossroads of the fabulous – boutique wines, idyllic inns, heart-stopping vistas and unexpected hits of culture – lies far beyond Córdoba and Mendoza, says Paul Richardson

A long weekend in... Barcelona

From new post-industrial chic arts centres to hip eco-stores and contemporary design hotels, the Catalan capital is fizzing with energy, says Paul Richardson

A mellow Balearic beat

Into Mallorca’s plethora of five-star hotels comes a new venture that’s raising the hospitality stakes on the island. Paul Richardson falls for the unexpected tranquillity – and supreme refinement – of this historic ruin turned deluxe retreat

Nueva Nicaragua

With the opening of its first world-class – and entirely sustainable – hotel, Nicaragua’s reinvention as an eco-luxe destination is gaining pace. Paul Richardson kicks back in the land of lakes and volcanoes

A long weekend in… Valencia

The America’s Cup has put this Spanish gem firmly on the boaters’ map – but its culinary and cultural endowments hold appeal for travellers of all stripes, says Paul Richardson.
Gourmet Food

Hock of ages

Produced from pure-bred, acorn-fed pigs and aged for years, Spanish jamón ibérico is one of the world’s most costly delicacies. Paul Richardson goes in search of the gastronome’s Holy Grail: special-edition ‘vintage’ hams.

LA Studio

An eclectic Spanish antiques emporium that mixes 20th-century classics and pure theatre.

New Pacific heights

Beyond the well-worn bounds of Acapulco, Mexico’s Pacific coast has been surprisingly undeveloped. Now, as Paul Richardson reports, a scattering of chic hotels and resorts is bringing fresh, yet sympathetic, style to the region.

Anno Dominican

Direct flights and a clutch of impressive new five-star hotels are luring a new breed of luxury traveller to the Dominican Republic, says Paul Richardson.