Hermès launches e-tail site for men

The world of online retail may be getting ever more sophisticated and growing apace, but until now, French independent luxury house Hermès has been cautious (arguably wisely so) of over-extending itself online – for the full range of products you still need to go into one of its standalone flagship stores. This week, however, the marque launches MAN’ifeste.


The stylish, playful site is aimed squarely at the male customer and, as you’d expect, the attention to quality, art direction and detail is high. Editorial content is witty and irreverent, and includes interactive lists, ideas and articles that invite the user to engage in offbeat pursuits: write surrealist poems, work out a killer dance routine or build architecturally wondrous cubist sandcastles (first picture) on your next beach holiday.

Each one of these various channels of entertainment leads to artfully crafted Hermès offerings – from hiking boots (£990) and Derby shoes (£800, second picture) to silk ties (£125, third picture), anthracite grey embroidered long socks (£60) and the chic City Hall calfskin case (£5,900, fourth picture)


“MANifeste arouses curiosity, stirs up creativity and entertains,” says Véronique Nichanian, artistic director of the Hermès Men’s Universe.

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