Exquisite bespoke stationery from Prantl

Business cards and wedding invitations with Bavarian flair

Fine stationer Prantl, founded in Munich in 1797, has long been highly regarded within Bavaria for its quality paper, but since the opening of its London office in 2011, the company’s bespoke business cards (£140 for 100), invitations (from £160 for 50, second picture) and correspondence cards (£150 for 100, first picture) have garnered a global following.

Bespoke commissions begin with selecting from specialist papers sourced from Italy, France, Germany, the US and Asia. Printing options range from traditional engraving (die stamping or blind embossing), letterpress, offset lithography and thermography to foil blocking and digital printing, while duplex or triplex stock formats can be used to create more substantial cards with vibrant bevel edging. Envelopes (from £72) can also be personalised with return addresses, crests or bespoke motifs.

When it comes to fonts, if Prantl doesn’t have one in its library, the company will happily source it or commission a replica, while custom ink mixes are also available – from muted “greige”, bone and navy blue to showstopping tangerine, sapphire and a host of hot pinks.

Print production generally takes 10 business days, with 10-15 or more days required for commissioned artwork or intricate wedding invitations (from £240 for 100), such as a recent square tri-fold design “complete with an aperture that was die cut into the cover to reveal an illustration of the wedding venue – the bride’s family home,” says Prantl director Michael Harris.


Handmade leather-bound books containing wedding invitations and assorted memorabilia are another request – each crafted with engraved handmade papers and presented in a keepsake box (price on request).

“People are becoming more adventurous,” says Harris. “They want to commission stationery that is uniquely reflective of who they are.”


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