A conditioner that’s brilliant for thick, unruly tresses

Naturopathica Horsetail’s preservative-free formula guarantees luscious locks

When I travel I often leave bulky beauty products at home – shampoos, cleansers, even moisturisers – as I find it is a great opportunity to try new, often niche, lines. One thing I am never without, however, is my own conditioner – one that is specially formulated for thick, colour-treated hair. Without it, there is a slim chance that a brush will even make it through my unruly locks.

Imagine my horror when I recently arrived for a weekend away, only to discover that I had forgotten my precious conditioner. I had no choice but to try the hotel’s Naturopathica Horsetail Hair Conditioner ($28 for 8.4oz). I was sceptical: its elegant blue jar was lovely to look at, but the preservative-free ingredients list made me question its potential power.


I slathered my head with the entire bottle, assuming my hair would require a mega dose. Lightweight yet rich and with a zesty aroma, it more than comfortably coated my thick tresses. I’ve rarely been so pleasantly surprised by a product: post-shower, my massive mane was lustrous, tangle-free and less brittle. Nourishing horsetail plant extract – the conditioner’s primary, silica-rich ingredient – helps to repair split ends and enhance shine, while pracaxi oil from the Amazon rainforest ensures easy combing, and vetiver calms, soothes and adds that lemony scent.

I felt somewhat disloyal to my trusty conditioner at home, but when something knocks you for six, you’ve got to take notice, right?


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