Collar Club

A made-to-measure shirt delivery and laundry service

Something that has always impressed me about a fund manager friend’s job is not so much that his income is many times greater than mine, but that the firm he works for pays for all his dry cleaning. Apparently it’s usual in city circles, where people are so busy making money that they don’t have time for the trivia of life, such as ensuring there’s always a fresh and fragrant shirt to hand at the start of a working day.

Now an internet-based start-up is promising to bring such a service to everyone – even impecunious, home-based hacks like me who have long regarded displacement activities such as shirt ironing as a legitimate reason for downing tools.

To jump-start your £95-a-month membership, the Collar Club will supply you with 11 Egyptian cotton, Italian-crafted made-to-order shirts. At the end of the working week, any five shirts of your choice (even your tatty old non-Collar Club ones, if you like) will be collected in order to be laundered, folded, packed and delivered back to your home or office in time for the cycle to begin again.


Alternatively, customers living outside the London “laundry coverage area” may buy 11 shirts without the laundry concierge service for a monthly fee of £75, stocking your wardrobe for the entire year and spreading the cost. Collar Club also offers individual ready-to-wear shirts from £59 each.

Initially, only blue or white designs are available – which rather reminds me of that scene in the 1986 movie The Fly where Jeff Goldblum’s eccentric scientist Seth Brundle has seven sets of identical clothing hanging in his wardrobe in order to avoid having to make time-wasting sartorial decisions.

But he still had to do his own ironing. And now, blissfully, you don’t.


For more on made-to-measure tailoring, go to For good measure.

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