A cool, colourful showcase for Indian-inspired clothes and wares

A store of quality and sophistication in Jaipur

Mostly in India I like hunting around in the scruffy antique shops and dusty alleyways, but Hot Pink is neither scruffy nor antique. It is, on the contrary, all cool, clean and airy. One of the founders is, after all, the eminently chic Parisienne jeweller Marie-Hélène de Taillac, who now lives much of the time in Jaipur. The other is Munnu Kasliwal of Gem Palace, Jaipur’s best-known jewellery shop.

There are two Hot Pink shops in Jaipur, one right inside the Amber Fort, the other inside the grounds of Narain Niwas Palace. The thinking behind Hot Pink is to showcase Indian-inspired and Indian-influenced clothes and wares that can be worn by sophisticated westerners and put into western interiors.


So what you find is a smallish collection of really good shirts, dresses, tops, cushions, pashminas (mostly from Kashmir Loom, which is the most admired of the current providers of pashminas), as well as rugs, light fittings, furniture, and other small things such as glass, stationery and silk fabrics for the house. Men aren’t forgotten – good shirts, pashminas and nice easy trousers.


At the shop in the Amber Fort I bought a wondrously soft pashmina in subtle shades of grey and olive green for about £50, and a navy blue long-sleeved cotton shirt dress for £80 which, come the summer, I just know I shall wear and wear.

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