A good body cream can have surprising effects

Suddenly, you’ll be surrounded by Grecian fig trees

Is it a little sad to get excited about body cream? Maybe. Then again, when it’s something you use every day, normally in the dark mornings when all that beckons is a ride in a sardine-tin Tube carriage and a long day staring at a screen, something as simple as a good moisturising cream can have an unpredictably uplifting effect.

Perhaps those cold, grey mornings are what the Greek beauty brand Korres had in mind when they came up with the scents for their body butter moisturising creams – to wit: guava, quince, vanilla plum, kumquat, jasmine, and fig (fig is particularly scrumptious). Is there anything better than sweeping handfuls of thick-as-butter body cream over you and imagining yourself surrounded by Grecian fig trees or nestling your teeth into a sumptuous summer plum, when the reality behind the closed curtains is so much bleaker?


This is why I return again and again to these simple tubes of goo – glorious goo, thicker than most other body creams on the market. And with such invigorating smells, sometimes I wonder if I even need to apply perfume. With shea butter for softening and sunflower, almond and avocado oils for nourishing the skin, they do the job better than anything else I have ever tried. Simple.


About £15 for 150ml.

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