Tarifa and Company: custom swim trunks

Plain or patterned; pocketed or personalised

When a man goes shopping for new swimwear, it can often seem like there are just two choices: Vilebrequin or Orlebar Brown. Both are great, but here is another option for those after something a bit different: Tarifa and Company.


The concept is simple: customisable trunkscreated from a possible 15,000-plus combinations. You start off by choosing from short or mid-length versions (both €159), then flick through the fabrics. Current season options include a plain sky-blue and a jade, as well as stripes and florals and Wanderlust, featuring elephants and foliage. Add a contrasting or matching pocket, choose a cord for the waistband, and then monogram the finished product (or don’t).


Tarifa and Company first took shape in the summer of 2013, when co-founders Iñigo Amoribieta and Agnes Wanat were sailing around the Mediterranean. “Everyone we saw on their boats was celebrating their own unique style, and their personal experience of travel,” says Amoribieta. “So we started to look into the idea of customised swim trunks.” The name Tarifa comes from the town in Andalucia. “We wanted the brand to embody all that’s great about beach holidays: sun, fun times and a slower pace of life. The name of the town seemed perfect.”

Since its first order in November 2014, the company has created swimwear for men across four continents. The US customers prefer more colourful prints but opt out of monograms, says Amoribieta, while UK men tend to go for initials on a plain block colour. There have been other observations too: “Despite the fact that most swimming trunks have them, men really don’t like white cords.” Most interesting of all is that, even when taking the monogram out of the equation, the company hasn’t replicated the same order twice.

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