Clement windows and doors

Standout steel-and-glass designs from a Surrey specialist

When my partner and I were contemplating the renovation of our Bethnal Green home, on our wish list were some glass doors with matt-black metal frames, like those we’d spotted at New York’s ultra-chic Crosby Street Hotel. But it proved hard to track down information for exactly what we were looking for.

It was a pleasant assistant in the Marylebone showroom of bespoke kitchen specialist Plain English who gave us the name of the windows ­– Crittall-style – and the contact we’d been searching for: Surrey-based Clement.


Although this family-owned company has been in business for nearly a century, it seems it is in the midst of an interiors “moment”, thanks to restoration projects involving replacing existing steel windows with like-for-like replicas, and producing new windows or doors that often contrast with the windows on the front elevation of a house, according to chairman Peter Clement. “The real attraction is the fine lines of the framing – coupled with the robustness and inherent strength of steel.”


Clement’s EB24 exterior doors, such as ours, are made for each client on a bespoke basis, with prices starting from £7,500. Architect Brian O’Tuama designed the doors with four panes from top to bottom, so that they not only complement the kitchen proportionally, they look just as appealing from outside.

The only downside of the increased demand for Clement’s doors is that it can take as long as 12-14 weeks from measuring to fitting. But sitting at my kitchen table writing, with doors wide open and a fresh breeze circulating, I can vouch that our Clement products were well worth the wait.

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