Real roses that last a year

These stunningly arranged natural beauties are blooming marvels

Look closely: the exquisite flowers you see here not only appear fresh but are natural – yet will last at least a year without water. Just launched in the UK by specialist rose florist OnlyRoses, Infinite Roses are perfectly formed blooms that are preserved in oils to maintain their beauty for at least 12 months, and up to three years. They are available in a wide range of colours – from classic reds, pinks and champagnes to extraordinary shades, including a searingly bright spring green, dark velvet green, royal blue and black.

If your taste leans towards formal arrangements, Infinite Roses score highly: because of their flexibility and texture, they are more versatile than fresh flowers and can be fashioned into incredible displays (such as the Infinite Rose tree, first picture, £2,650; other “trees” start at £1,300). For those who prefer a minimalist approach, a single Infinite Rose costs from £40 (green rose in black crystal bowl, second picture, £95). A fabulous, 25cm-diameter, 18cm-high Infinite Sombrellita with 20-25 roses is £375 – which, when the cost of just a dozen fresh, non-lasting roses in central London is taken into account (about £75), is not as expensive as one might think. And what a way to show everlasting love.


The roses are the latest innovation from Anian and Sabine Schmitt’s London-based florist, which launched its first store on Old Brompton Road in 2007, after the husband-and-wife team fell for Ecuadorian roses in a big enough way to make a business out of them.


What about the carbon footprint, you ask? Well, the company appears to come up smelling of roses on this point: it runs a reforestation programme in Chimborazo in Ecuador, which offsets twice the amount of CO2 it produces by importing the flowers. And at the four farms in Ecuador where the roses are cultivated, the company insists on high ethical (social, working and environmental) standards being met.

So don’t get fresh with me…

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