Hand-forged furniture made for specific sites

Any size, any place, anywhere – Adam Williams’ bespoke beauties

If you’ve ever searched for a glamorous table, desk or shelving unit to fit a specific space you’ll know such quests can prove fruitless. Some savvy homeowners and superyacht skippers contact Adam Williams from the outset, though. “I’m a problem-solver,” says Williams. “People come to me for bespoke designs because they can just send a rough drawing and let me worry about the technical details.”

Williams specialises in hand-forged furniture with a minimal, contemporary look. Each piece of steel is hand-beaten at his Somerset forge using traditional skills then sprayed with hot metal to give it a patinated bronze finish. The frames can, alternatively, be finished in silver or gold leaf.


“Console tables account for half my work,” says Williams (first picture: Seattle console table; third picture: Champagne console tables). “That’s because I can literally make any size. One client wanted a 3m-long table and we’ve also made very thin ones – just 20cm deep – for London apartments. Most people choose patinated bronze because they like its warm look and reflective qualities, although gold leaf is also popular. And we often use white limestone or walnut veneer for the tops as a contrast with the metal frames.” Slate, shagreen, blue/grey Jura stone and toughened glass are among other table-top materials.

Console tables start at £2,500, and Williams also makes side tables (from £1,800), coffee tables (from £2,000), shelving units (from £4,000; second picture: Towel Unit) and dining tables (from £5,000). He has even created a giant pedestal desk in bronze, beaten all over to look like snakeskin (a similar 2m x 1m desk would cost about £10,000): “It feels like stroking a crocodile and is the coolest thing I’ve made.”