A blanket-lover adds another gem to her collection

It’s a warm and stylish alternative to the dreaded patio heater

For me, summer is about eating outside, and – as anyone who has come for a meal at my house on the shore of the English Channel will know – it takes more than a chill wind and a spot of drizzle in the air to keep me inside. However, I don’t enjoy being cold, and since pashminas don’t wrap the entire body and I have a zero-tolerance approach to the ghastly patio heater, I have become a collector of blankets.

I have tartan travel ones from my childhood to take on picnics, and several Welsh ones picked up from vintage textile stores which I hand to guests on arrival. But the blanket I keep for myself is 405 Line by the supremely talented British weaver, Eleanor Pritchard.


Apparently, some people buy this 100 per cent wool blanket for its name, which refers to the number of scanning lines needed to broadcast early black and white television, but for me, the appeal lies in its design. I love the stern, monochrome colour scheme, I love the clean graphic pattern and the traditional blanket-stitch edging; most of all, I love the fact that it is completely reversible, ensuring that it complements every outfit in my holiday wardrobe.

The 405 Line blanket measures approximately 152cm x180cm and costs £186.


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