Designed for chic domesticity

Utilitarian with a stylish twist defines the myriad delights at this French e-store

Think simple elegance combined with strength andfunctionality and voilà – the Perigot bag.  Naturally itwould be the French who have come up with such a chic, practical carrier, butupon further exploration, it’s just the start of the brand’s stylish and usefulonline offerings.

Perigot is all about utilitarian design, and sensible yetsophisticated products for home, work and travel populate its cleanlydesigned e-shop – a pared-down aesthetic that is reflected in the items forsale. Bags are a strong point, and among the endless shapes and colourways,notable styles include the Down Town (left in second picture, €34), which is available in severalneutral hues and is crafted from reinforced materials such as Tyvek InductionKraft – a durable, synthetic paper – ensuring they are sturdy enough to carry a laptop, books and groceriesat the same time. Bag 4 All (right in second picture, €34) is a natty eco-canvas shoulder bag, whilethe City Bag (€22) is a multipurpose, laminated canvas tote designed with AndréePutman. What sets these totes apart is their strength and flatbottoms that ensure contents are kept upright. There is also an iPad case (€29) made from laminated canvas that comes in three colourways: white/grey (first picture), raspberry/orange or purple/green.


Perigot’s furniture and home accessories, whilepractical, nevertheless adhere to strict aesthetic principals. All essentialitems, such as shoe racks and dustbins, have been designed with the notion “thesimpler, the better” in mind. Sections called Mobile Home and Ultra Lightare full of clever items such as inflatable hangers (€9.50) that pack easily andare great for drying freshly washed delicate cashmere or wool, while the Eames clotheshooks (€270) are colourful and the clothes rack (€190) graphic and statuesque.Environmentally friendly laundry, liquid and floor soaps (third picture, €10-€12.50) have subtleparsley, mint, ginger and lemon scents.  

With some of the most tasteful, thoughtfully designeddomestic products to be found online, the site has an international cultfollowing and is, in a word, magnifique.