The scented and stylish face of domestic harmony

Eco-friendly, beautifully packaged products for a sparkling home and wardrobe

Myintroduction to The Laundress – a line of minimalist, eco-friendly products forthe home – came by way of a candle that was given to me recently as a present. The No247 has an elegant design and a fresh, lavender-infused scent. I’vesince become a fan of the entire line of non-toxic, biodegradable and allergen-free items. From effective detergents to tasteful clothes pegs andsweater stones (yes, these do exist), The Laundress is my new go-to for chiclaundry essentials.

Butback to the candle that now adorns my desk. It is just one of arange that includes Lady and Cedar (£32), each infused with bergamot,sandalwood and citrus notes, and blended from soy, vegetable and beeswax, plus calming essential oils. They are hand-poured, look blissfully neutral (all white and glass, nothing frilly) andburn for 60 hours.


Ihave since branched out into the laundry range and am now a fan of TheLaundress’ Signature Detergent (£14.95). It smells crisp and clean andcombines colour guard, natural bleach alternatives and stain fighters. I’vealso tried the Delicate Wash (£13.95), which I love for silk and which I’mconvinced will extend the life of my lingerie. Among the other options, which include Denim Wash (£13.95) and Swimwear Care (£13.95), is the piècede résistance: the Wool & Cashmere Shampoo (£13.95). This soft,cedar-infused, sulphate-free wonder cleans my jumpers in a way that fewprofessionals have managed to pull off.


Laundryaside, there are also handcrafted pet and lint brushes, as well as a luxe lineof home cleaning implements (from £10.95), surface cleaners and even ylangylang-scented vinegar for deodorising germ-ridden surfaces. The Travel Pack(about £35) includes 2oz versions of some great formulations – DelicateWash, Stain Solution, Crease Release – with a reusable laundry bag thrown infor good measure.

Let’sface it: washing, scrubbing and disinfecting are never going to involve having a goodtime, but The Laundress does bring a new meaning to the conceptof the domestic arts.