Bespoke Sofa London

Handmade seating in an array of opulent options

Bespoke Sofa London’s motto is “we can create any of our clients’ desires”. It’s a bold claim that has seen the company making sofas for rooftop apartments in Dubai, statement homes in London’s Hyde Park (second picture) and extra-narrow hallways in Scotland. Every piece that comes out of the north London workshop is made by hand by craftspeople; the frames are constructed from top-quality beech wood and each spring is individually placed, which ensures lasting quality, and all come with a 15-year guarantee.

The construction process may be traditional and unchanging, but the design is a flexible collaboration between the client and the 46-strong team. “Each piece of furniture is tailored to a home, just like the best-fitting jackets on Savile Row,” says founder Najib Juya. “Clients contact us with their ideas, our team visit the property to get measurements and then we do CAD [computer-aided design] and technical drawings to see how the final shape and fabrics will work in the room.”


Once the shape has been decided, clients are invited to choose wood and upholstery finishes from the Bespoke Sofa London library. Opulence is something of a byword here, so there are lots of silks (example first picture), leathers and velvets – and inspiration is drawn from trend-setting interior-design fairs and the world’s most luxurious hotels.


The company name might suggest a single focus, but Bespoke Sofa London makes other furniture too. “We can outfit a client’s entire home,” says Juya. “It’s a great service for people who are time-poor and want something with personality. We aim to fashion an exceptional home that flows in style, shape and colour and stands the test of time.” It’s an appealing idea, particularly as it also pledges to deliver all projects, regardless of size, within four to six weeks.

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