Muay Thai kickboxing in Koh Samui

Bespoke packages at a stunning Thai villa retreat

There are few sports that tone muscles, increase flexibility, balance and co-ordination, and intensify focus to meditative levels – but Muay Thai kickboxing is the magic bullet of exercise. And where better to learn – or continue training – than in Thailand on the island of Koh Samui, the hub of the sport, at Panacea, a luxurious villa retreat now offering bespoke packages for five days (from £751) or seven (from £1,139).  

Head coach Charoon Juntra will take no prisoners: the internationally recognised Thai boxing fighter will design with Panacea specialists each guest’s programme according to their ability and fitness aims.


A typical day will start with stretching and Pilates at sunrise with a view over dense, verdant jungle and on to the Gulf of Samui. Breakfast will follow; then 90-minute one-to-one and group sessions in the boxing ring, either at the one at Panacea’s über-villa Praana, or locally at the best kickboxing ring in Thailand.

After some downtime and a healthy Thai lunch, it’s back in the ring for another hour of boxing before a thorough massage for tired limbs. If that isn’t enough action, myriad other activities include jet-skiing, scuba diving, kite boarding, quad biking, mountain biking, fishing, hiking and zip lining. But it will be tempting to stay poolside – each of the resort’s villas, with four to six bedrooms each, has a 20-25m private pool.

Some afternoon sessions will be held at the island’s two main stadiums, where guests can see a real championship fight between professional fighters.


Sure to be a knockout trip.  

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