Spa Junkie on… The Shredder at Lomax, London: Part Two

Our reporter pushes on through the second half of her New Year detox and fitness regime

Image: Jay Yeo

Spa Junkie is mid-way through a seven-day fitness and diet regime with her friend Ryan

Day 4  

Breakfast is Bircher muesli and elevenses is a snack of nuts and a red-berry smoothie.


Today with Olu, the back, triceps, shoulders and abs are the focus in The Sexy Back Workout (I’m not kidding).

My fitness buddy Ryan and I start with a warm-up of three spinning sets followed by Bosu (a demi-ball), and jumping sets with 30 seconds’ rest between each.

Urrgh, time for barbell deadlifts – eight reps with a load of 50kg for Ryan and 30kg for me. Then it’s on to 12 barbell shoulder presses – 10kg for me and 15kg for Ryan. Olu says we both have good shoulder control, though tightness prevents full shoulder flex. He insists we return tonight for a massage.  

Next we do some fast Scandanvian hamstring curls on the Bosu, three sets of 20 sumo dead-lifts with a kettlebell, and three sets of 12 straight-leg deadlifts on the Reebok Deck.

Barbell bench presses and Olympic-ring chin-ups finish me off. By the time we get to the stretching Ryan and I are both beyond relieved – there is tightness all over, especially in our hip-flexors, glutes and hamstrings.

We hungrily grab our lunch of chicken, quinoa and beetroot salad with a side of cucumber, carrots, red pepper and humous.


We return for a thorough pummelling massage, which is intense but effective. Indian chicken curry and greens come home with me for a post-massage feast – of sorts.

Day 5

I feel more toned, but the scales aren’t showing a huge drop yet. Could it be the muscle I’ve built? Breakfast is museli with dried fruits, blueberries and almond milk, and my mid-morning snack is a refreshing, rejuvenating carrot and ginger drink.



The Ass-assinator session begins much more gently that Ryan and I both expect: stretches that roll into a number of dynamic shoulder and upper-body exercises. Then we get into the ass-assination, which kicks off with four sets of 20 dumbbell walking lunges (per leg), three sets of 20 sumo deadlifts with kettlebells and cardio intervals of one-minute hill-sprints on the bike. My bottom continues to ache as we buttock-clench through a series of exercises that work the glutes and hamstrings.

Afterwards, I can hardly walk down the stairs to the café.

Lunch is a simple grilled chicken breast with rice and beetroot salad and the ubiquitous quail’s egg (which I’m now starting to like). The afternoon snack is a tasty bar of fruit and nut, while dinner is grilled fish, avocado and asparagus. I can almost feel my insides breathe a sigh of detox joy.

Day 6

My breakfast smoothie is complemented by a green power drink: all apples and citrus fruit.


An initial workout blast focuses on core muscles and we get up to speed with 12 kettle bell single-arm swings per side, 12 kettle bell single-arm presses per side and 12 kettle bell single-leg deadlifts per side.

The second round is two sets of 12 kettlebell windmills per side (ouch), 12 mountain climbers on the upturned Bosu (we lean our arms on it, feet outstretched, and bring one foot forwards so that knee meets elbow), and 12 kettlebell Russian twists per side. My core feels as though it is really being put through its paces.  

We finish with a 45-minute cardio session on the Real Ryder indoor bike. To work the core, we do lots of riding standing up and my heart rate soars way over my comfort zone. I thank God it’s almost the last day – I would not be able to keep this up for another week.

Lunch is a chicken-breast salad and in the afternoon I snack on tasty mackerel paste with cracker-like pieces for dipping. Dinner is somewhat more filling: fish pie.

Day 7

Bircher muesli for breakfast, chicken salad with grilled vegetables for lunch and an afternoon snack of a nausea-inducing peanut-butter ball fuel me for an hour of Reformer Pilates – all I can really face today. It’s billed as a rejuvenator day, so the aim is not to tire me out as much as on other days. This is wonderfully topped off with a relaxing massage.

The Bottom Line

When we started, neither Ryan nor I could last more than 30 minutes in the gym without wanting to die, but after seven days of eating and exercising carefully I could really feel that my fitness and endurance had improved. Ryan toned up and built muscle mass and I certainly lost fat – I can now see my stomach muscles (which had been in hibernation), my bottom feels perkier and I lost 2.5kg.

I loved the fact that at Lomax everything was under one roof, and I didn’t have to think for a second about what to eat or how to plan my exercise. The classes were challenging, the food was delicious and I never got bored. The massage and Pilates really lifted my spirits and having a buddy kept me motivated. A great way to kickstart the year.


Spa Junkie is the founder of FaceGym. She pays for all her own travel, accommodation and therapies.

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