Spa Junkie on… Eye Rejuvenation at KX

Our tired-eyed reporter seeks a solution for dark circles and droopy eyebrows

Image: Jay Yeo

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but mine are feeling dark, gloomy and ravaged by late nights and stress – it seems those dark shadows under my peepers sadly also disclose the worrying state of my health, love and finances. I’m looking for a super-effective treatment that I can squeeze into my lunch break and that will leave me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. In, out, no downtime: that’s what I’m after.

I’m not the only one for whom looking tired is my bête noir, as became apparent during a recent tête-à-tête with Doctor Paul Frank in New York, who says, “Looking older is not the main concern of all my clients; most people come in and complain about looking exhausted – hence the increase in eye treatments.”

Back in the UK, I head for my home-from-home, KX gym, and meet with Dr Suha Kersh, who prescribes an eye-rejuvenation treatment. She explains how fat loss, combined with changes in bone structure around and under the eye as we age, can result in dark shadows, hollows and sunken-looking eyes, while eyebrows and eyelids can droop and wrinkle. “Botox may not be able to treat either of those things,” she explains. Rather it’s the job of a soft dermal filler, applied using a cannula – a small flexile plastic tube that is threaded under the skin. It is specially formulated for eyebrows and under-eye hollows. The dermal filler (which contains a small amount of anaesthetic) replaces fat beneath the eyebrow to lift and smooth out wrinkles.

She makes a small entry point at the top of my cheek, and then threads the cannula through to the eye area beneath my brow, to target the exact point for the filler. It is gentle and painless. She gently pushes the filler through the cannula and uses her fingers very gently to ensure its even distribution. She explains that for the first 24 hours the fillers are very malleable and can be manipulated to ensure perfect positioning. She tells me that I must not touch it when I go home, in case I alter this positioning, nor should I have a facial for two weeks.

She starts by handing me a mirror. As we look at my reflection, she points out where I need work and holds my skin back to reflect how she can alter my face. She then draws on my skin using a pale-blue pen to mark up which areas need fillers.


Next, the procedure is repeated by threading the cannula into the same spot on the other side of my face. Then again, twice more into each hollow beneath my eye. As the dermal filler is eased in, once again there is zero discomfort.

Fifteen minutes and – boom – my secrets and worries are safely hidden by a layer of filler.

The bottom line:

This is a serious no-nonsense, rapid procedure and results are instant. The dark shadows in the hollows under my eyes have lightened and smoothed and my eyebrows are taut, yet still able to move. My eyes look as though they have been given a general lift – quite a peep(ers) show!

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