Mad Fritz bespoke beer for LA’s The Peninsula

A new fable-inspired brew with a nutty toffee and dried fruit flavour

For many, the ultimate thirst-quenching drink is a cool beer. So, welcome indeed during the height of summer is news of a bespoke collaboration, launching on Saturday August 1, between craft brewery Mad Fritz and LA’s Peninsula Beverly Hills.

The Napa Valley brewery has created The Lion and the Mouse premium beer (first picture) exclusively for the hotel in a limited edition, the first time a Mad Fritz bottle has been made available outside its local turf, where the business was conceived by two winemakers to grow, malt, brew and age beers that brim with a sense of place and character – 785ml bottles are great for sharing, while labels are hand drawn and inspired by Aesop’s fables.

Emphasising its uniqueness, The Lion and the Mouse will be served in crystal stemware in the hotel’s Club Bar (second picture) and The Peninsula’s executive chef David Codney has created a range of snacks to match the beer’s slightly spicy, fruity aroma – including roasted wild boar sausage in a blanket with house-made mustard.The pairing is priced at $45.

The beer’s overall style is similar to Belgian Abbey ale or dubbel, which connoisseurs will know is brewed using single-variety barley – in this case, Full Pint. The natural carbonation, which makes it so good to slake a thirst, gives it a lightness of taste with a touch of nutty toffee and dried fruit.


The fable-inspired label on this bespoke brew shows the roaring lion ensnared by a net, which the brave mouse, whose life was previously spared by the lion, gnaws through to free him. The moral: little friends may prove great friends in times of need. Truth indeed, and in this case it can be found on the side rather than at the bottom of the bottle.

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