Sh! A Bollinger and Bond exclusive

The champagne house pops its cork for 007

Forget the theatrical “pop!” and put the silencer on when uncorking your Bollinger. Paul Burrell, the late Princess of Wales’s butler and arbiter of etiquette, pronounced that when you open a bottle of champagne, “it should sound like a mermaid's sigh”. James Bond, of course, knows such things, and to celebrate 50 years of 007 on film – plus his 39-year on-screen relationship with Bollinger and the release of the new Bond movie, Skyfall, this autumn – the champagne marque is launching a unique edition.

Bond drinks the Bollinger vintages La Grande Année and RD in 12 films – including in the upcoming movie. The affiliation came about as a result of the friendship forged nearly 40 years ago between the late Christian Bizot, former head of the house of Bollinger, and the late Albert R Broccoli, legendary Bond-movie producer, both appreciators of fine wine.


Known as 002 for 007, the new limited-edition release (from £125) is a class act not just for collectors of Bond memorabilia but for wine connoisseurs too. Containing one of the best vintages in a century, La Grande Année 2002, the bottle carries a “50 Years of Bond” logo and is presented in a gun-silencer-shaped box.

The 002 for 007 will initially be available exclusively from Harrods – where clients can now register an interest prior to its release on September 23. At the same time, the elegant London department store will host a month-long series of Bond-themed windows, which will include a Bollinger bar designed in keeping with the champagne’s packaging. The rest of the UK, and the world, joins in on October 1.


Whatever you do, don’t shake it, don’t stir it, just serve it chilled, like the man himself. And quietly…

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