A bejewelled teatime treat at The Goring

The five-star hotel invites jeweller Alex Monroe to make tea

As if The Goring – Belgravia’s family-owned five-star hotel with a rich royal heritage – wasn’t quintessentially British enough, it’s called on another stalwart of Englishness to amp up its already well-known afternoon tea experience. Throughout May, the hotel’s sunny terrace is playing host to an afternoon tea inspired by British jeweller Alex Monroe’s idyllic Suffolk upbringing, and his memories of buying huge bags of shrimp from local fishermen and sailing them home for afternoon tea.

The tea begins with a shrimp and egg Drumkilno, followed by guinea fowl, potted shrimp and smoked salmon sandwiches, and a selection of pastries. A series of classic sweet treats come with unexpected but inventive twists, like the Victoria sponge infused with rose water and the tart lemon jelly served with violet-spiked cheesecake foam.


To complete the experience, guests are presented with a more permanent reminder of the tea: Monroe’s latest non-culinary creation, The Goring Shrimp, an exclusive rose gold-plated crustacean (second picture).


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