Wagyu back on the menu

Wolfgang Puck’s CUT is the fist place to serve the beef after the ban

Following its three-year ban on export to Europe, pure wagyu will finally be back on the menu, with Wolfgang Puck’s CUT at Mayfair’s 45 Park Lane hotel being the first restaurant in London to serve the tender Japanese beef. The ban was intended to preserve the exclusivity of the beef but, now that it has been lifted, from July 21 diners will be able to enjoy sumptuous cuts including fillet, sirloin and rib-eye (from £125).


Japanese wagyu is beef derived from one of four breeds, or animals crossbred with them, raised entirely in Japan and with traceable ancestry. “Japanese Wagyu is the best of the best,” says Wolfgang Puck – because of its tenderness. “The farmers take care and pride in raising cattle to be something special. The result is well-marbled meat that melts in butter.”


Up until now, some restaurants have been serving a less fatty form of wagyu, produced in the UK as a result of crossbreeding with Holstein cattle. The United States and Australia have also created their own forms of wagyu. But now diners will be able to enjoy the real thing again. After starters including Scottish scallop carpaccio with cucumber and young onions, or roasted baby beets with Dorstone goat cheese, CUT will be serving the beef alongside some of its classic dishes, from roasted baby carrots, sweet turnips and thyme honey to creamed spinach and fried organic egg or a summery dish of English peas, snow peas, snap peas and pea tendrils. Sauces include wasabi-yuzu kosho butter and Armagnac and green peppercorn. Tuck in.

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