Special macaroons from the Picasso of pastry

The macaroons are mouthwatering, the box is a beauty

I confess I don’t need any encouragement whatsoever to partake of a Pierre Hermé macaroon. The only “problem” is deciding which flavour(s) to plump for. The famous French patissier (“the Picasso of pastry”) is a wow with his sweetly crispy-chewy taste explosions, with startling flavour combinations such as white truffle and hazelnut, milk chocolate and passion fruit (Mogador), and orange, Campari and grapefruit (Americano).

I’m also a sucker for a well-designed gift box, and this limited-edition beauty by the painter and illustrator Nicolas Vial, and available from October 24, caught my eye with its charming black cat atop the circular container. It costs £52 for 20 macaroons of any combination, including the Classics dark Porcelana chocolate, rose and salted butter caramel.


Some might say it looks as if that cat is merely lazily stretching out on the box, but as “le Chat Chocolat” so resembles my own deceptively skinny moggy I know she’s leaping to gorge on the macaroons inside. For her own benefit, I’d better get there first…


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