A stylish e-store for super-chic cheffing

Food52 is a treasure trove of culinary delights

Beautiful, magazine-style images abound on online emporium Food52 – which is no surprise considering that the site was founded by two food editors, writers and cooks. Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs met while completing The Essential New York Times Cookbook, and together they have created an eye-catching treasure trove of all things culinary related. With recipes and features such as “11 of our most oft-found fridge-door dregs & ideas for using them up”, Food52 (its name referring to cooking 52 weeks a year) exudes a cool, hip vibe coupled with an intimate community feel – features that no doubt stem from the fact that Hesser and Stubbs were both raised on their mothers’ recipes, and today live in Brooklyn with their young families.

The chic essentials cater to both master chefs and budding cooks; grouped into categories such as “Kitchen” and “Table”, they range from a sleek brass slotted serving spatula ($30, first picture) and a set of four maple-wood hand-dipped bowls ($30, second picture) to classic Oxford double oven gloves ($40) and denim sandwich wraps ($32 for a set of three). The artisanal products, meanwhile, are for die-hard foodies: Bushwick Kitchen’s Cinnamon Maple Syrup ($16 for 383g) and Dona Chai’s Tea Concentrate ($24 for a 473ml two-pack, third picture) are but two examples that demonstrate that Hesser and Stubbs’ palates are as refined as their curatorial eye.


Clicking the “One of a Kind” link serves up such beauties as a vintage copper spice box ($225) and a set of four handmade porcelain dessert plates ($54) with an understated geometric floral design. The selection of books, as might be expected, is extensive, but there are DIY kits too, such as a hand-rolled pasta kit ($25) complete with a wooden cavatelli board. And for summertime alfresco cooking, there’s a cool, grill-on-the-go briefcase barbecue ($375), as well as rechargeable camp lanterns ($50), both retro in design.

“How you eat is how you live” is one of Food52’s guiding manifestos, and as a result the offering extends beyond food to embrace a pair of vintage French schoolhouse chairs ($300), jewellery, and even foodie and cocktail dice ($38). And it’s all equally mouth-watering.


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