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Say it like never before with Clos19 and Jamie Cullum

Jamie Cullum has teamed up with Clos19 to sing 19 tributes written by the public to friends, loved ones and pets

It’s not just what you say but how you say it that really counts. At least, that is the belief that brought Clos19 and Jamie Cullum together. Their collaboration for the holiday season captures what both do best: taking a personal gift or message and making it mean more than it ever could. Be it through beautiful music or a personalised bottle of champagne, wine or spirit, these gifts seem to say “I know you” and “Thank you” in equal measure.

In November, Clos19 and Jamie reached out to people on social media asking them to submit a short nomination for a loved one, close friend (or furry friends in some cases), explaining why that person deserved a personalised song written for them. Jamie then took 19 of the most touching and witty tributes and turned them into songs. The songs – released at the end of November – are charming and disarming in equal measure, with Jamie’s world-famous talent, humour and human touch providing the perfect accompaniment to the public’s love letters, tributes and witty “Thank yous”. Some messages are incredibly moving:

“I’d love it if you wrote a song for my two girls of seven and eight years. Something funny and cheerful, as they love to dance and sing. I lost my husband (their dad) two years ago and everyone tells me what a great job I’m doing of bringing them up on my own and what brilliant kind and funny kids I have. But you know what, it’s my kids that have kept me going, given me a reason to get up every morning and made me smile and laugh and keeping living life the way my husband would want us to. They are brilliant kids and no matter how much I tell them I don’t think they really think they are. So it would be amazing if you could write a song for them, please. Thanks.”

“My dad, for being an inspiration to me, showing me that you can do absolutely anything if you believe in yourself. Thanks for always pushing me and being there for me throughout the most stupid stuff that I get myself into. Thanks for dealing with my stubbornness, because I know that is a challenge (then again, I got it from you) and my constant overthinking. Oh, and thanks for fan-girling with me over TV shows and music #moviequotemarathons I love you.”

Others were hilarious:“My cocker spaniel – Jessie – a lovable nitwit – food obsessed – excessively happy – loyal to the end – friend for life.”

“I would like to nominate Michael Darby, who prevented my whole house from burning down at ‘that’ Halloween party, when a stray skeleton-head candle set fire to a bowl of value onion rings. Never has a pint of beer been sacrificed in such a noble act. Darby, we are forever in your debt.”


“My mother Helen, because she fancies the pants off of you Jamie, and Dad, Doug, doesn’t have a choice, but to just has to deal with it! Those old-lady screams at your London concerts are predominantly her.”

We caught up with Jamie Cullum to talk about this collaboration and his view on sharing moments: 

Q: What are you most excited about in working with Clos19?

A: I love a challenge and to pull off 19 bits of original music with surprise lyrics definitely ticks the ‘challenge’ box!

Q: If you were to receive a personalised song by an artist you love, who would it be?

A: Tom Waits, please – some kind of a sea shanty played on a piano that’s falling to pieces.

Q: If your voice was a drink, what would it be?

A: I’ll take a 100 per cent agave tequila because it’s full of body and complexity but also, always ready to have a party.

Q: At Clos19, we believe nothing beats a personalised gift. If you could add a message on a bottle that you’d offer to your lovely wife, what would you say?

A: I love you, let’s go dancing. 

Q: What is your definition of a great evening? Is there a magical ingredient?

A: It’s surely about the people you’re with and very little else. I’ve been in some of the worst places and had a brilliant time with fun, interesting and warm people!

Q: What is your ideal setting for enjoying a fine meal and drinks with friends and family?

A: I’ll take a warm, Mediterranean garden at dusk, under a tree.

Q: What is your favourite moment during the holiday season?

A: The buildup and when it’s over!

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