St Barths’ hotel scene turns up the heat

Change is afoot on the Caribbean’s most extravagant island, with British, American and Provençal forces bringing new openings and invigorating timelessly intimate favourites with buzz-generating global style. Mary Lussiana reports

India Hicks’ Harbour Island highlights

From the best boogie-boarding bays to the coolest clubs and cocktails, designer and local denizen India Hicks gives Alice B-B the ultimate insider’s insights. Portrait by Sarah Wood

Richard Branson’s BVI hangouts

The Virgin Group founder, philanthropist and owner of private island retreats Moskito and Necker divulges new discoveries and lasting favourites to Maria Shollenbarger. Portrait by Owen Buggy

Swimming the Caribbean Narrows

Island-to-island swimming in the Caribbean: open ocean, treacherous currents, sharks… a daunting prospect. James Henderson does it twice in one day

Glorious beach hotels in the Dominican Republic

High-profile investors, a pristine stretch of tropical beach and two very different hotels: something seductive is happening on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Maria Shollenbarger investigates – and gets a first look at Aman’s newest resort

Sea Memory

This St Barths emporium showcases the wonders of the ocean through objets and furnishings with Caribbean flair

Caribbean hotels reborn

After decades of independent ownership, a handful of venerated West Indian hotels have come under the aegis of global operators. Maria Shollenbarger asks whether the ambitious rebranding will change the indie-chic vibe

Exploring from Colombia to Panama

Travelling from Colombia to Panama with a top adventure-travel outfitter, James Henderson recces a new itinerary. Photographs by Richard Dunwoody