An extraordinary glass sculpture that channels nature

Graham Muir’s piece is part of a new wave of experimental glassware

Improbable Waveform by Graham Muir, £2,500
Improbable Waveform by Graham Muir, £2,500 | Image: Ester Segarra

Glassmaker Graham Muir dramatically captures the forces of nature in his Wave series, which includes this piece, called Improbable Waveform (£2,500). Exploiting glass’s quick transition from molten to solid to retain a sense of fluidity, Muir used techniques involving blown and carved lead crystal. “I wanted to capture the excitement of a wave at its most dynamic, just before it breaks,” he says. “As the sculpture is heated to a point where the previously cut glass form flows once more as a liquid, I rapidly open, fold and twist it. As the piece cools, it instantly takes the form you see, with the wave’s power and energy reflected in the dynamism of the process.” It’s this visual tension, contrasting the fragility of glass with the strength of the sculpture’s impressive form, that gives Muir’s pieces their power to elicit emotion.


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