An inspirational Indian retreat

This Jodhpur extravaganza will raise money for head-injury victims

In March, Jodhpur will form the backdrop to an inspiring series of events hosted by the Maharajah Gaj Singh II. Guests at the One World Retreat will stay in a choice of four regal properties – the Taj Hari Mahal, Ajit Bhawan Palace, Raas Haveli or Umaid Bhawan Palace (pictured) – during the three days of talks and festivities, which include banquets, opera, spiritual retreats, an auction of His Highness’s own antiques and a concert by Sting.


The inaugural fundraiser hopes to raise £4m for The Indian Head Injury Foundation, which works to improve the standards of care and neuro-rehabilitation for some of the 1.5m people who suffer from head trauma every year in India. The charity was founded in 2005 after the Maharajah’s son sustained a serious head injury during a polo match.