Alice B-B


A flying safari in Panama at Islas Secas

How to fit a Latin-American adventure — beaches, volcanoes, dives and hikes, in near-inaccessible places — into a few days? Alice B-B finds out on a pioneering amphibious-plane safari. Photography by Jack Johns and Owen Tozer

The unearthly delights of Jordan

From the wind-carved alleys of Petra, to the shifting red-gold sands of Wadi Rum, to the gleaming reaches of the Royal Stables, Alice B-B finds revelation piled upon revelation on an archaeologist-led private tour of Jordan

India Hicks’ Harbour Island highlights

From the best boogie-boarding bays to the coolest clubs and cocktails, designer and local denizen India Hicks gives Alice B-B the ultimate insider’s insights. Portrait by Sarah Wood

Adventures with survival experts

A select cohort of former military and special-forces reservists is reinventing the landscape of adventure travel, ratcheting up the thrill factor and exclusivity with meticulously planned “who dares” itineraries. Alice B-B reports

A long weekend in… New Orleans

Louisiana’s favourite city famously took a pummelling at the hands of Hurricane Katrina, but nine years on she’s shining brightly. Alice B-B revels in culinary and cultural scenes that are buzzier than ever