Adam Edwards


The city cyclist

A City PA gets on her bike to pedal her way into her boss’s arms – but could there be a more upwardly mobile catch?

The car boot sale

A City wife peddling bourgeois bargains for charity finds, to her cost, that one man’s trash really is another’s treasure

The pied-à-terre

With his wife and children newly ensconced in the country, a broker fantasises about weekday bachelor-style bliss

The air guitarist

A City CEO struggles to put his days of cavorting on the dance floor behind him, with disastrous consequences

The nativity play

Summoned to his daughter’s debut school performance, a City banker finds little of theatrical merit – but plenty of drama

The Waitrose shopper

While scouring the sceptred aisles for impeccable ingredients, one yummy mummy gets more than she bargained for

The house party

Will this young buck of a broker, out to impress in the wilds of bonnie Scotland, track down his inner country gent?

Repossessed yacht

An Italian banker and his beloved Riva encounter the rough waters of Italy’s new austerity measures

The off-piste skier

Determined to keep up with his expert workmate and wife, a ‘gentle blue’ skier finds himself deep in the white stuff.

The snooker room

A Victorian-style billiard room descends swiftly from grown-ups’ playpen to teenage den of iniquity – all thanks to Freda.

Flies of fancy

The humble fishing fly is being reinvented as a bespoke work of art. Adam Edwards finds Scottish hand-tied beauties that are luring a host of fans.
Wine & Champagne

The fine wine lover

A pair of aspiring City oenophiles aim to get to grips with the top French grape, lest they be found in possession of a Fawlty palate.

The estate tweed

A bespoke family tweed is a mark of Highland high class – as long as one doesn’t bump into the previous lady of the lodge.

The Thames launch

Boating at Henley makes for a fine day of languid indulgence – or it would do if show-offy types learned some river etiquette.
Home Accessories

Burning ambition

In the heart of rural England lurks a monster barbecue ready to cater for swank alfresco bashes. Adam Edwards meets its creator.