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Summering in the Rockies

Unlock the snowcapped peaks and untouched natural beauty of the American West with XOJET

Experience the modern alternative to fractional jet ownership at or call +1877-599 6538
Experience the modern alternative to fractional jet ownership at or call +1877-599 6538

Reaching the most beautiful, remote resorts of the American West can now be done in record time.

In winter, the Rockies are known for snowcapped peaks, smooth powder and the best skiing in North America. But the summer months hold their own natural secrets, transforming the western mountains into an outdoor lover’s paradise, offering arguably the finest white-water rafting, hiking, fly-fishing and mountain biking in North America.

Luxurious adventure travel has become synonymous with this region, whether it’s spending Zen mornings fly-fishing for trophy-sized rainbow trout in the box canyon in Smith Fork Ranch, Colorado and returning to a gourmet dinner at the ranch, or riding trails on a mountain bike around Crested Butte, with dramatic vistas on every side.

The remoteness and untouched natural beauty of these exclusive mountain resorts are part of their allure, but many are not serviced by commercial air carriers. Fortunately, XOJET routinely flies into the most sought-after airports like Aspen, Telluride or Park City, as well as thousands of other small, regional airports or even private airfields. XOJET, which operates the country’s largest on-demand private-jet fleet, has access to more than 1,000 jets. Its own fleet of Challenger 300 and Citation X business jets, with spacious cabins and short-field landing capabilities, are ideal for flying a family or large group into the Rockies’ most exclusive hideaways.

“When you fly with us, customisation comes as standard,” says Shari Jones, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of XOJET. “We not only offer personal advisory services for all clients, but we make sure the in-cabin service is tailored to you.”


That can range from made-to-order meals and a fully stocked drinks cabinet, as well as the personal touches, like surprise birthday or anniversary cakes, that XOJET has become known for. “Our goal is to make every flight memorable, every day of the year,” says Jones.

Many winter resorts in the Rockies become summer sanctuaries, taking advantage of the natural beauty. The Resort at Paws Up in Montana was the original setting for the Robert Redford movie, A River Runs Through It, offering some of the world’s best fly-fishing. It also has an Olympic-sized indoor arena as part of its elaborate equestrian centre, along with luxurious safari-style tents and cabins for guests.

Firms like Vail Resorts also have collections of multiseasonal resorts across the region, including four in Colorado, one in Park City and three in Lake Tahoe, California. The company, with a mission of providing the experience of a lifetime, takes great pride in having its resorts in the heart of pristine environments.

Of course, the real treasures of the western states are the expansive national parks that extend for millions of acres. Hiking these national treasures, whether it’s summiting Mount Ida in Rocky Mountain National Park or watching Old Faithful in Yellowstone, offer some of the most stunning, varied scenery in the American West.

“Our geographic reach and levels of service are making us the provider of choice for selective travellers exploring the American West,” says Jones. “We’ve also made it easy to fly at a moment’s notice without upfront fees and long-term commitments. As a result, we’re seeing a large number of clients using XOJET for both business and pleasure.”


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