Wry Society


The wardrobe declutter

Faced with pile upon pile of grey jumpers and black trousers – all so elegantly restrained and yet so mirthless – Juliet wondered when she’d forgotten about fun. By Clare Naylor

The fund romance

When his old pal Rory puts out an appeal to invest in his love life, Trevor is happy to help. But how much will it really cost him? By Sam Leith

The Fiction: The Chanel cape

In the hungover aftermath of a country-house party, Tess steals a moment of romance – and a touch of her glamorous host’s soul – on a twilit walk in the woods. By Clare Naylor

The Fiction: The holiday tutor

Mike is hoping to rewire relationships with his family on an extended trip to Africa – but he’s not the only one hunting for a new connection…

Wry Society: The art heist

Cultured cat burglar Arthur knows exactly what he’s after… and it’s hanging on Henry’s walls. But is haul’s well that ends well? Words by Sam Leith

Wry Society: The gaming addict

Sullen, secretive and hooked on a violent computer game, Lawrence was just your average teenage boy… until his parents intervened. Words by Sam Leith. Illustration by Phil Disley

Wry Society: The fanny-pack

Why must the world mock Matthew’s guilty fashion secret? It’s always saving the day – and could even save his neck… Words by Chloe Fox. Illustration by Phil Disley

Wry Society: The fitbit

All Jane wanted was a husband with a healthy ticker – but tracking his workouts was raising her own blood pressure. Words by Sam Leith. Illustration by Phil Disley

Wry Society: The yacht race

Could Monsieur John be sailing a little too close to the wind in his pursuit of boating glory? Words by Sam Leith. Illustration by Phil Disley 
Gourmet Food

Wry Society: The new alpha male

On a series of self-discovery courses to help him man up, Giles had heard the call of the wild, but how primal would he go? Words by Chloe Fox. Illustration by Phil Disley

Wry Society: The Turkish hammam

The massage tables are turned when a godmother takes her bohemian BFF’s teen daughter under her wing. Words by Pamela Goodman. Illustration by Phil Disley