Just Pure

A beauty range that looks to the moon

Being a through-and-through Cancerian, I am ruled inexplicably by the moon and often find myself at the mercy of its mystical effects. But a Munich-based beauty range (I discovered recently while staying at a German friend’s home) has rendered the mighty Luna a little less mysterious and, in turn, benefited my bathroom cabinet.

Just Pure may sound like any other organic, paraben- and chemical-free brand, but it has one standout feature: all of its products are created according to the phases of the moon. This process, says the company that manufactures it, enables all the pure ingredients – cold-pressed essential oils and organic herb and plant extracts – to hang together naturally, without the need for preservatives, emulsifiers or stabilisers.

I knew none of this, of course, in my friend’s shower. I assumed from the label and packaging of her Sallow Thorn Lemon Shampoo (€25 for 8.5oz, first picture) that it was a holistic product; and although I found its texture somewhat gooey (having missed the instructions for a good shake before use), this merely added to its natural charm.

The citrusy concoction, it turns out, is infused with nourishing macadamia nut oil and sallow thorn oil, which is extracted from the sallow thorn fruit’s pulp (chosen for its regenerative, cell-protecting properties). The shampoo is wonderfully fresh and revitalising and can be used daily – which indeed I do. And I have since ordered the Frangipani Shower Gel (€25 for 8.5oz); its exotic, floral aroma makes for a zingy pick-me-up, and it too contains macadamia nut oil.


Just Pure is the brainchild of Gaby Just, a fitness, beauty and wellness expert and TV personality. She has also taken the moon phase concept to a spa (second picture) in Munich, with a line of pampering treatments – massages, facials, wraps and peels – that sync with the moon’s fluctuations. There are anti-ageing and restorative therapies for a full or waxing moon, and detoxifying remedies for a new or waning one.

With my trip to Munich for Oktoberfest just around the corner, I am using my new lunar knowledge to choose my treatments.


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