Sumptuous beauty products from China

The Rosewood’s new spa showcases the majesty of the Ba Yan Ka La beauty range

The new Rosewood hotel in Beijing is a destination in its own right, with an art collection that draws on Chinese mythology and poetry, affording guests a fascinating insight into the nation’s rich history. The collection even extends to the gym/fitness studio and the Sense Spa – a hidden gem that will open in May. But it wasn’t the art that turned my head; it was there that I discovered the Ba Yan Ka La line.  

I was hooked after one whiff of the Tibetan Roseroot Body Lotion ($45, third picture). The name comes from the Ba Yan Ka La mountain range on the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau, which means Mountain of Abundance. It was chosen by its French founder Jean Zimmerman to represent the purity and curative wisdom that he feels his range provides.


Founded in 2007, Shanghai-based Ba Yan Ka La products are made in Guangzhou using water that is sourced and bottled at a glacial mineral spring in the Ba Yan Ka La mountains, 100 per cent pure essential oils (no animal testing, parabens, etc) and nurturing organic lotus seeds, strengthening goji berries, detoxifying Chinese mulberry, antioxidising Tibetan roseroot and skin-brightening coix seeds, which have for several thousand years proved their healing powers in Chinese herbal medicine.

I am almost out of the invigorating Tibetan Roseroot Body Lotion, which has left my skin lusciously silky and fabulously scented, and although there are shops selling it in Shanghai and Hong Kong (should you be in the vicinity), you can also, thankfully, get the range online. For the home, there are eight different essential oils ($65 each) for diffusing, along with yak butter ($65) and Bhutan and lotus seed-scented candles ($50) which smell like the lotus-seed Hindu prayer beads I recently brought back from Jaipur. There are also balms and soaps (from $20, first picture), conditioners and shampoos (from $40, second picture), body washes and shower oils (from $35) with lotus, mulberry or Tibetan rose root, and moisturising face masks (from $40). But perhaps one should first invest in the Crystals of Wisdom Bath Salts ($40), which will surely lead you to the right choice.


For more Asian beauty brands to watch, look no further.

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