Spa Junkie on… Milk Mobile Beauty

Our ultra-busy reporter enlists the services of a mobile-beauty therapist to come to her home

Image: Jay Yeo

I feel completely run off my feet at work, but I really need to make time for a spruce up. My bikini line is in a dire state, I’m still sporting my Capri summer nail polish on six of my toes and my heels are cracked. I decide to enlist the services of mobile-beauty therapy Milk, which heads to offices and homes to carry out essential grooming duties using up-to-the-minute treatments. With a click of the mouse, I’ve booked a mani-pedi, massage and bikini wax.

At 3pm on the dot (off-peak hours, which means a reduced price), mobile beautician Sarah arrives outside my home office and parks her nippy little white Fiat 500 with its stylish Milk logo. She’s wearing a smart royal-blue dress (again with logo) and carrying her tools of the trade in matching bags, along with a portable massage bench.

I explain that I haven’t got long and I’d love to do some conference calls during some of the treatments, but she doesn’t look fazed. I explain my preferred triangle shape for my bikini wax, pick out this autumn’s barely-black polish for my paws and claws, and the race is off, as she whips through her Herculean task of pruning and polishing.

She works quickly, quietly, and efficiently, first doing my hot wax and then my nails and checking every so often that everything is to my satisfaction. By the time she has finished buffing, waxing and filing, I feel like I have lost about a kilo ­in unwanted body hair and calloused skin.

I hop on the massage bed, which Sarah has set up in my living room. She plugs in an electric blanket, which she places over me to keep me snug, and turns on some relaxing music.


Sarah gets to work on my aches by performing a firm full-body Swedish massage. When her stroke changes and feels too gentle – a little ticklish, even – she immediately responds when I ask her to up the pressure. It’s good, and she soon finds the knots in my shoulders and gets to work. Just before I think I might cry with the pain, she moves her hands to work lower down my back, which is a relief. When she returns to the sensitive area, it’s much improved.

After an hour I jump off feeling like a new woman. Sarah folds up her bed and disappears in her zippy little car while I get back to work.  

The Bottom Line

The massage was a godsend – my tension dissipated and the knots were kneaded away – and having presentable fingers and toes was a complete joy. But the really attractive aspect of this treatment was the easy click-and-book facility, and having someone coming to me and fitting in with my schedule. And the off-peak prices were a happy bonus. Thumbs up.


Spa Junkie is the founder of FaceGym. She pays for all her own travel, accommodation and therapies.

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