The bronzer that’s perfect for pallid winter skin

A fake tan that adds a convincing glow to the face

I have nothing against using a bit of fake tan in the summer; I’ve previously written in this column about Clinique’s Face Bronzing Gel Tint (£16), which is perfect during the warmer months, when you already have a little colour on your face. A fake tan in winter, though, is not something that I would normally consider; it just looks too brazen, and, well – fake.


But now I’ve discovered a product that gives my skin a convincingly healthy glow during these pale and gloomy months. Winter calls for more subtle enhancement, and the great thing about Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning For Face (£17) is that it just takes the edge off one’s pallor, rather than drawing attention to itself like a more obvious bottle bronze. This is presumably why so many beauty editors regard it as the best in class.


I also find it more flattering than foundation, and you can further enhance the effect by following it up with an application of Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl(£24.50), which gives the face a lovely soft-focus glow.

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