A new fashion idea that’s jeans genius

A clever innovation makes these jeans a cinch to wear

It was while trying to track down another brand and style of jean entirely (the elusive J Brand Gigi) that I discovered Sold Design Lab and what has to be the most genius idea in denim ever: the pull-on jean. I was deeply sceptical, indeed fairly horrified, when the sales assistant in Trilogy introduced me to Sold’s unique concept. It sounded like the jeans-world equivalent of the elasticated-waist skirt – even if Cameron Diaz has been spotted in a pair.


Not to be confused with the heinous jeggings – leggings that look like tight jeans – Sold’s designs are real jeans, made from soft, stretchy denim, but with one clever innovation: the fly-front zip is actually fake. So no need to breathe in, lie on the ground or resort to the coat hanger trick to get them to zip up. This jean does away entirely with that dispiriting struggle. The added bonus, as the assistant explained, is that eradicating the zip makes for a more streamlined silhouette.


Sold jeans are available in various styles, all of them adhering to the pull-on concept. I bought the Houston flare (pictured, £135), a jean that flares out from just below the knee, creating the illusion of longer legs. The style is very Ali McGraw in Love Story, immensely flattering and very on-trend this season. I was, as they say, sold.

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