RGB: eco-friendly nail care

A luxury line of varnishes with green credentials

When it comes to my fingernails, I’m au naturel all the way. I can’t pull off an edgy black or a vibrant red; all the buffing, shaping and polishing seems too time-consuming, while the smell is toxic.

I’d pretty much written off the whole manicure-pedicure routine until I was given Cuticle Oil ($20, right in picture) from RGB – a nail-care range that aims to bridge the gap between green beauty and luxury cosmetics. The oil comes in a small pot that promises to soothe chapped skin and promote healthy nail growth. With an ingredient list that sounds practically edible – soy oil, myrrh, jojoba oil, cucumber essential oil – I was a bit sceptical, but was quickly won over when my dry, winter-weary hands softened after just two night-time applications.


This success piqued my interest in the rest of RGB’s vegan products. All manicure essentials are here, from a fragrance-free base ($18) to matte and glossy top coats ($18) via the hip hues Toast, Steel, Pool and Faded ($18, left in picture). Collaborations with jewellery designer Jennifer Fisher have yielded a strong, dark navy-black varnish alongside Taken, a chic white finish ($18 each). Special HIPPxRGB polishes have also been configured to complement a range of skin tones.

A natty nail-care range that’s great for summer.