A hat for the woman who doesn’t wear hats

This adorable bobble hat is on the way to becoming a fashion classic

Some people look good in hats and some of us don’t. Much as I love the idea of a jaunty beret or a knitted beanie, both would look borderline ridiculous on me. But last year, motivated by a brutal winter in rural France and a sudden interest in cold-weather clothing, I set myself the task of finding a hat that I could wear to walk the dog without scaring my neighbours.

Reader, I found it – and what’s more, I’ll wager that this hat, a luxe version of the bobble hat, by William Sharp, will suit almost everyone. If it looks vaguely familiar, it’s possibly because over the years, several high-profile women have been photographed wearing it, including Jennifer Lopez (the beige version) and Cheryl Cole (the grey). No matter; the hat, which is made from 100 per cent cashmere, decorated in Swarovski crystal elements and topped by a big fluffy pom-pom, is adorable and well on the way to becoming a fashion classic.


Better still, as I’ve discovered, the navy version works just as well with a tailored Bottega coat and high heels in town as it does for walking the dog through muddy fields.

William Sharp 2x4 rib crystal hat with pom-pom, available in black, navy, dark grey, light grey, mid-brown and ecru; £215.


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