Step up

A young designer’s new geometric-cum-constructivist prints

Today’s emerging designers are not backwards at coming forwards in their approach to collaborating with illustrious and established brands. That’s certainly the case for Russian-born Timur Kim, who trained in London at Central St Martins School of Art and currently shows with the Vauxhall Fashion Scout group of fledgling designers knocking at the doors of Fashion Week’s official schedule. He was very taken with the plain Oxford brogues from classic men’s shoemaker Oliver Sweeney and used them to give an androgynous edge when shooting his last women’s lookbook.


For his autumn 2013 collection (one of the highlights of off-schedule Fashion Week) he went further and asked Oliver Sweeney to finish the brogues with two of his distinctive prints: geometric-cum-constructivist repeat designs that matched, and gave an edgy-yet-feminine slant to, his rather genteel collection of full-skirted silk or satin dresses and subversively polite suits. The prints refer obliquely to his own background; one is inspired by a vintage caviar tin design, the other by an ornate ceiling at The Hermitage in his native city of St Petersburg.


So well do both clothes and shoes work that Oliver Sweeney has decided to make a very short run of the shoes and introduce them for fans of Kim’s style way ahead of normal autumn delivery dates. The classically constructed Oxfords come in a softened monochrome version of the caviar print, while the ceiling print is bright and multicoloured and overprinted with checks. They will join Oliver Sweeney’s women’s collection on Thursday April 25 – but there are just 40 pairs of each (priced at £245), and they will only be stocked in its two London flagships and online.

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