A zesty jaunt

Luxe beauty treatments partner haute gastronomy in Mallorca

A spell in a luxury spa should, at the very least, restore a spring to the step. And since spring (in step or otherwise) has been uncertain on UK shores, escapism is more than deserved.  

Let’s start with some creative visualisation. Breathe deeply into the solar plexus and inhale the zesty perfume of sun-ripened citrus fruits as they hang against the backdrop of a peerless blue sky. You’re in Port Sóller, Mallorca, where, on the edge of a valley famed for its orange and lemon groves, the newly opened Jumeirah Hotel & Spa has pooled resources with Spanish prestige skincare specialist Natura Bissé to host A Taste of Beauty throughout May and June.


Now, this is no ordinary spa package. The sensual fusion of aromatic treatments and haute gastronomy amounts to nothing short of soul therapy. After breakfast in the Cap Roig Restaurant, a Natura Bissé therapist awaits in the cliff-top Talise Spa. Here, treatments such as refreshing, brightening Mediterranean Oranges Facial and Body Wrap, Detoxifying Body Special with essential citrus oils and Orange Extracts Body Scrub are designed to leave skin invigorated, rejuvenated and positively sparkling.

Back at the Cap Roig, acclaimed executive chef Gregory Goulot has tailored flavours and textures from locally sourced ingredients to complement the spa treatments. Each beautifully presented dish is a zesty boost for a jaded palate. On arrival for dinner, guests are handed a little silver atomiser containing ice-cold orange liqueur to tease their tongues and enliven their taste buds. At the outset there are mozzarella morsels laced with ginger and coriander; chilled orange gazpacho with local goat’s cheese ice cream; and juicy, lavender-infused hibiscus prawns. After palate-cleansing iced crystals of honey, lemon and rosemary, diners enjoy melt-in-the-mouth sea bass with lime jelly, green tea and orange peel and peppery galangal juice; and succulent chicken cannelloni with limoncello, chilli and canoneta (Sóller Valley orange) concentrate. A final trio of orange, lemon and mandarin frozen Bissé ices should leave one’s appetite for life duly revived.


An experience so unique it must be shared, this extra-sensual two-night retreat may be just what guests need to zest up a relationship, too. At the very least, this is one rare and precious environment where orange peel and skin are blissfully reconciled.

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