A labour of love from the perfumer and the poet

Precious One scent bottles go hand in hand with an offbeat ode on romance

In the heart of Columbia Road – and its fragrant Sunday flower market –perfumer Angela Flanders has been quietly hand-crafting her exquisite scents,home fragrances, skincare products and therapeutics for more than 25 years. However, creating her mostfamous perfume, Precious One, was a genuine labour of love. Originally made for the Spitalfields boutique Precious, owned by her daughter Kate Evans (ex-fashion buyer for Harvey Nichols and Harrods), the scent has taken on a life ofits own since winning Best New Independent Fragrance at the Fragrance Foundation’s 2012 FiFi Awards – the Oscars of the perfume industry. A voluptuousgreen chypre with seductively dark undertones, Precious One possesses a perfect tensionbetween creamy tuberose and leathery, smoke-tinged vetiver that has unexpectedly –and deservedly – won a firm following among men and women alike.

Now,with Valentine’s Day in mind, Flanders has commissioned performance poetTiffany Anne Tondut to pen an ode (second picture) around Precious One’s sensual composition.“It inspired me to write a poem as layered and unique as the scent itself,”Tondut comments. “Each note triggered a memory, a language or a taste. And thenthere was the notion of marrying sweetness [jasmine, tuberose] with acidity [oakmoss, citrus].” Tondut believes thispoem is one of her more unusual and modern pieces – and no, it doesn’t rhyme.Offbeat, gently provocative yet appositely fond, it would be difficult to findsuch imaginative sentiments sandwiched between this year’s crop of pink heartsand flowers on the greeting-card racks.


ThroughoutFebruary, limited-edition copies of the poem will be available with each purchaseof Precious One Eau de Parfum (first picture, £55 for 30ml), Deluxe Perfumed Candle (£40) and new, meltingly indulgent Body Cream (third picture, £49) – which, incidentally, has all the“slow-burning” intensity of the original scent spray.

It’sa fine excuse to visit Flanders’ recently opened second perfumery in Spitalfields, though the range isalso available online.