Tiptop T-bars for chic city walkers

A Spanish designer’s patent and suede heeled shoes are perfect for dashing around town in style

Aloathing of Tube travel, coupled with an addiction to exercise, means that I walkalmost everywhere. My habit has influenced the whole of my wardrobe (I rarelywear very narrow skirts, for example, and I buy rather a lot of waterproof coats), but nowhere is the effect more keenly felt than on my choice of footwear. Istrive to look chic at all times, so I draw the line at trainers and those flipflops that purport to improve your posture, but comfort remains a highpriority and I am rarely seen in heels.


However,I have discovered a pair of shoes that may well cause me to end mylong-standing love affair with flats. Created by Spanish designer ChieMihara, who has spent the past decade making beautiful footwear for womenwith real lives to lead, my Lissia T-bars (£230) are crafted from soft,sienna-coloured suede and feature black patent leather heels and toes with calflining. All of which amounts to a pair of shoes that is both pretty and practical(suede is nicely textural and speaks of luxury, while patent leather isglamorous and puddle tolerant).


Thefirst time I wore them, I walked for an hour in persistent drizzle withoutdamage to either my feet or my shoes. That fact alone makes them a good buy, butwhile most comfortable shoes cause you to forget you’re wearing them, these puta bit of a swing in your step. I’m not sure whether it’s the shapely heel, the ladylike1940s vibe or the knowledge that the T-bar is right on trend this season, butwith these on my feet, I positively sashay down the London streets.

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