A chubby crayon of colour that adds instant sparkle

This glitter pencil instantly says, ‘going out’

Although I write about beauty, my makeup bag is rather like a John Pawson interior: there isn’t much in it. I rigorously edit it so that it never contains more than seven products and – also in common with a Pawson interior – most of those items are devoted to concealing or, at best, subtle enhancement.


But one concession to frivolity that I always carry with me is a Nars Glitter Pencil, £18.50 – a chubby crayon of colour and sparkle. A quick slick of this close to the lash-line immediately says “evening” or “going out”.


My preferred shade is Mudd Club, a sparkly brown, closely followed by Roxbury, a platinum crayon with silver glitter. New this summer is a retro blue called Bains Douches (all the shades are named after nightclubs). Like all the Nars Glitter Pencils, it’s guaranteed to bring a sparkle to your eyes.

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