Dinny Hall’s Hall of Hoops

A 30th-anniversary pop-up in Liberty

Dinny Hall is one of Britain’s best-loved modern jewellers, one of the first, when she started 30 years ago, to make charming pieces (in both solid gold and vermeil) that women felt able to buy for themselves and wear for everyday life. Despite vastly increased competition she remains a hugely successful and well-recognised name, and is one of the bestselling brands in the influential and popular jewellery department at Liberty, her main stockist outside her two own-label London stores.

She has a wide repertoire of styles but has long been associated with the hoop earring – which, in large gilt form, was a mainstay of glitzy 1980s fashion when she started and has appeared in ever finer forms with every boho revival since, including for this summer’s 1970s hippie-luxe look. What better time, then, to revisit this favourite as a capsule collection? The Hall of Hoops pop-up arrives at Liberty on September 8, with its own distinctive shopfit to showcase 10 different styles, all reworked and modernised versions of past Hall favourites, all in solid silver or vermeil in 22ct yellow- or rose-gold plate, with classic styles also in 18ct gold. Prices go from £80 for a small hoop in gold vermeil to £1,850 for 14ct gold with white-diamond pavé.


“In almost all my collections there has been a conscious desire to incorporate a hoop earring,” she says. “I’ve done them in titanium mesh, leather, acrylic and ebony as well as precious metals and diamonds – the hoop offers designers a neverending opportunity to reinvent. Based on a circle, it seems symbolic and powerful at this juncture of my brand, like a continuous journey and a reincarnation.”


The variety is surprising for what is basically one shape, from the delicate, classic Signature style (second picture) in three sizes, to textured bamboo or twisted versions, a graduated and irregular style and a distinctive square hoop (first picture). Finding the one that best suits you is not as easy as it sounds, but in this variety there is something for everyone. Try them now, before stock runs out.

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